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What's the best wax?

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    Originally posted by MikeC8 View Post
    Wax is still used on my collector cars .
    Here are my questions about ceramic coating. Years from now let’s say someone buys a used C7 or collector car. How do you determine if it has been coated ? How do you dertermine if the coating has reached its end cycle ? How do you remove the coating 100% without removing some of the clear coat ? . Can you apply a coating over the existing coating ? What if the coating is one of those cheap products ( blue bottle Ebay ) and how can you determine that ? What do you do if the coating was installed over a bad paint correction ? How do you determine if the scratches are in the coating or clear coat in this case ? This is why I’m sticking with wax on my collector cars ....because the jury is out on the above questions.IMO.
    You forgot that have to sand off the coating also
    X2 here


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      I have used Zaino for 18 years and have had superior results for me. I use some 3M and Adams products on a collection I maintain for a private collector. I have won numerous concours events using these products. The most important thing about polishes, waxes, etc. is use what works for YOU.
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        I use P21S carnauba at the suggestion of the guy who installed the XPEL on my really well.


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          Wax is yellow and will change the shade of your car slightly. WIth ceramic coating I don't see any wax product necessary. I also have used Zaino which I loved and it isn't a wax. Check their website and believe everything you read. But it is expensive. YMMV

          Edit: Zaino doesn't leave ANY residue. You can do it in direct sunlight etc. It is WAY easier to apply than wax.
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            There are few topics that will yield more varying responses than "choice of car care products"....

            My $0.02:
            I've been personal friends with Adam of Adam's Polishes for about 15 years....I've worked his booth at Carlisle, various auctions and Bloomington Gold...I use (and love) his products...but he is the first to tell you that there is not a lot of difference between the "top shelf" go with what makes you happiest.

            The one point I would make, and I'm certain has been stated to look at doing your own ceramic's not that challenging if you are even a little experienced at paint correction, and can follow directions. I ceramic coated my Corvette in 2017, and haven't looked back. WORTH EVERY PENNY in terms of protection, and cleaning ease after it's applied.

            I now ceramic coat all my vehicles....last Winter, I was staying at a hotel in the Boston area (i.e. vehicle was parked outside) and it snowed 6 inches overnight. When I came out in the morning, the only snow on my vehicle was on the sunroof (which I did not ceramic) - the snow had not accumulated on the coated surfaces.

            Even if you're a "waxer" and like the therapy provided by waxing your ride, you can do it over the ceramic....but the ceramic's extra protection is so worth it. It won't prevent rock chips, etc (clear bra) but it is so helpful in minimizing swirl marks, etc....


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              As my online detailing guru was (and still is, I assume, but he's left the Corvette community) fond of saying: All the big companies have good chemists and access to the same chemicals. The surface prep and application matter more than the brand.
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