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Nano Ceramic Coatings: Yes Or No

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    Originally posted by John View Post
    You can use a DA on a nano-ceramic; in fact if you mess up in applying the stuff and leave a high spot, only a DA would “grind down” you spot. However, I think, and someone smarter than me would have to confirm this, that after you do that, you would have to re-apply another super, super thin coat of it to finish it off.

    Anyone know better?
    I have done spot corrections and reapplied coating to those areas on all three of our coated cars several times with success. A consideration, one might find more apparent with coatings is that it takes a very minimal amount of time after original application of a coating, for a spot correction of a small area (with coating reapplied over just that specific area), to be a shade or two different in color than the rest of a panel after the reapplied coating cures fully. Maybe doesn't matter for a daily driver, but to the discerning eye it is noticeable and sticks out. Less noticeable if you spot correct the defect, then polish the rest of the panel to remove the coating and reapply the coating to the entire panel.

    It also bears mentioning, exact time varies by product, but once the container any coating comes in is opened and exposed to air, there is a finite time before the contents begin to crystalize and that isn't very long compared to other detail products folks are used to. Could be a shock for someone that expects to use leftover product in what they might consider a reasonable amount of time.

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      Thanks Matt. I knew a smart person would add accurate info. We appreciate your doing so.
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        Has the paint quality improved to the point that there's no longer any need to remove the orange peel?


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          Depends on the car, e.g., no guarantee.

          I think the best two pieces of information I can share with you are that I just inspected a brand new 2019 GS. I was impressed with its Elkart Lake Blue Metallic paint. But much more important than my comment about one car, are the comments of Mike Furman. Mike has received over 300 new Corvettes painted in the new paint shop and said, “I am happy with the improved paint, but much more importantly my customers are happy with their paint.”

          Not saying that every paint job is going to be orange peel free, but the paint jobs coming from the new shop are much better.
          Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A 2020 ME Corvette is coming next.