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Sealing the engine vents on C8 HTC for washing

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    Leave my Corvette outside in a rainstorm?????


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      Originally posted by TAdams65 View Post

      That would not make a lot of sense. We are the minority who belong to forums such as this. 99% of the population cares nothing about paint swirls and will run any car they own thru a wash, even a Corvette. Chevy is not going to build a car that could be damaged to the point of causing engine problems by using a car wash.
      Actually I remember that statement by Tadge as well.

      I really wouldnt not recommend using an automated car wash...

      the composite body requires a flexible paint...its one favorite concern is the tracks the cars jump onto to get taken trough the automatic car washes...

      I remember Frank Calmes c5 z06 who was a founding moderator over at one of the corvette forums got jis corvettes rear suspension ripped out on a car wash track. It was a big mess and a tough repair.

      my local automatic car wash wont even let me bring my present corvette through...early on I tried one time as I was in a hurry...

      im not too worried about this...i find hand washing the cars very cathartic......but then again as an owner of a black corvette you tell yourself many lies..

      the local hand car washes are only a few dollars more than machines...its money well spent with the soft paint required for composite body panels...

      over time you will be glad you spent the few extra dollars on hand washing only.

      i really dont plan on detailing my engine bay...i could have lived without that glass engine compartment cover but so be is what it is...who is going to look that closely except at car shows and for the owners going for the win.

      im hopeful its a once every 30k miles cleaning. I dont think in over four decades of driving sports cars Ive ever cleaned an engine bay except maybe a quick wipe down on the beauty covers and maybe a few other spots.
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        The "touchless" automatic car washes in this area, Vermont, have no tracks and do not involve the car being pulled or pushed through a tunnel with brushes, rags, or anything touching the car other than water and detergent foams, in which there is supposedly waxes and or polishes. You drive your car into a garage like area where a sensor signals where to stop. An automated mechanism goes around and over your car spraying the water and detergents.

        I would never take any low slung car through a tunnel car wash that requires the tires on one side to enter a track, and the car pushed along by its tire while brushes and rags go over the car. However, when it is 10 degrees outside and your car is covered in grime and salt, touchless washes as I describe are necessary as hand washing in your driveway is impossible. Of course, this is all academic for my C7, as it goes into hibernation in the garage from the first snow to the following Spring.


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          Why you dont buy a pressure machine and wash your car at home...? This is the best way to keep your "precious" as new!


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            Originally posted by RoketRdr View Post

            Not necessary.
            Agreed. IMHO It should be enough to wipe any water up when you detail around the open hatch after the wash. Wipe off the engine cover and your done. For those of us that are a little "retentive" spray a bit of interior cleaner on a microfiber towel and wipe down the parts you can see and reach.

            You'll probably get more film and dirt coming into the engine compartment through the scoops and up from below.



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              Originally posted by Milliwatt Rob View Post
              Leave my Corvette outside in a rainstorm?????
              it's just a car


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                I always wash my Corvettes at home, and dry them with care. Don't think I see a reason to care about the vents.


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                  My C5 custom hood has 4 vents and using this never gets water inside the engine bay

                  Can get pressure washers for $100 or less like

                  This can be used with that and causes a good covering foam over car that lifts dirt and bugs off


                  And this is a very good foaming car soap

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                    My original question was about the convertible. It looks like the heat shield could retain a lot of water or whatever when the car is not under way. A little prevention can alleviate a big mess to clean up later!


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                      Originally posted by ABorC View Post

                      it's just a car
                      When I was a kid I had my pride and joy Duster 340. At the grocery store I walk up to my car and a woman has her door resting against my car! I say to her "Would you get your door off my car!" She replies "It's just a car"
                      grrrrrrrrrrrrrr It's MY CAR NOT YOURS NOW GET IT OFF! .... No effect. she loads her groceries in the car and then closes the door.

                      To some It's just a car. To some it's their baby. I suspect there are a lot of expectant parents on here!
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                        I ran a Mercedes E550 with the stock wheels and tires through a car wash that pulls the car through. At the entrance where the pipe guides on the ground angle in there was a weld with a rough spot and it damaged two left wheels. I assume that on a vehicle with regular tires it would not be a problem. But 7 Eleven bought me two new wheels so all is good.

                        For washing, I went to the company that makes the wash brushes that look like a small push broom. They sell a larger one that is about 22 inches long. I use that with a deep bucket and car wash soap. With the 22 inch size it washes a car pretty fast. When I am in New Hampshire there are a lot of days when I want to wash the car but it is a little cold to have wet hands. The brush takes care of that. It does not make any marks on the paint and I make sure to store it where it won't pick up any dirt.


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                          A rinseless wash product and the Gary Dean method* will keep water out of the engine compartment, too. Wouldn't recommend it if the car is really dirty, but for regular maintenance these products work really well:

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