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C-7 top noises

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  • C-7 top noises

    I have a 2016 Corvette Coupe (also a 2008 coupe) and have not ever taken the top off the ' have they finally fixed the noise/creaking problem with the roof panel? I am NOT going to remove said roof panel until I am guaranteed that the C-7 is squeak/groan free......thoughts from you all???????????

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    If you don't have a rattle now, you won't induce one by removing the roof. The problem was short locating pins as I recall. That was fixed by some point in 2015.
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      Here is a DIY I wrote. However, each roof’s fix seems to be different in terms of solving its noise issue. While the steps in this one have worked for probably 100 folks, they have not worked for all.

      These steps have worked flawlessly for our 2015’s roof for now over 20,000 miles. Hope some or at least one works well for you.


      Started our 4,000 mile trip, with only 850 miles, and a rare tiny squeak in my roof, and then only on really rough road. As we got pounded on I-5/I-40 for hundreds of miles, the intermittent squeak became much more frequent, and we added an rare rattle-clunk when we hit bad pavement. When we had arrived in Santa Fe, it was no longer infrequent. Retracing our steps westward to the Las Vegas area, it had become downright and obnoxiously annoying, as I-40 pavement is a disgrace in spots.

      Enter jsvette and his two tools, i.e., applying Griot's rubber dressing on 100% of the roof-to-car structure's rubber mating surfaces, and a dielectic grease for the two, downward facing, front windshield-header aligning pins,,the two rear pins, and the rear roof-attachment "catch hook." [Note, improved/ recommended, specific lubrication grease included below as # 1.] For the next 300 miles, not a peep, and we hit some great "road crevices." Then, the first slight single squeak, then another fifty miles later a creak, then the first rattle-clunk, all with ever-increasing regularity as hundreds and hundreds of more miles passed. You get the pattern. By the end of 750 miles, even the rubber dressing and the dielectic crease had met their match. Meanwhile was reading every one of our forum's posts on this subject, and tens of more posts about how to resolve this same problem on C5's and C6's.

      SOLUTION: When parked for the night yesterday, was coincidentally next door to a Home Depot, for many have used the simple, following fix and solved their rattle problems (though almost all of those successes are when this item is combined with rubber mating surface and pin treatments). The solution for us was adding two tiny o-rings!

      And, you do not need to remove the top, just undo the two front latches, then the one rear, center latch, and with one person steadying the other side, life up the front end about five inches, slip one o-ring onto onto roof downward-facing pin, then the other pin on the other side of the car. We drove 475 miles today, and not even one tiny, tiny squeak, let alone worse. This package of 10 o-rings costs $2.45 at Home Depot in the plumbing aisle (and is, I am sure, available at many other places).


      1) On September 30, 2015, GM released this following service bulletin to do with creaky roof noises:

      2) Please also see post # 22 as there could be a related noise cause that "travels" up into the roof area and gives one the belief that it is a roof issue. Also, $0.01 solution in that post.

      3) Here is another forum thread with more good, related information.

      And, here, if needed, are, thanks to others' experiences and successes, additonal procedures that have helped Corvette owners solve their roof rattle problems.

      Roof Rattle: Other Fixes

      1) UPDATED/IMPROVED roof lubrication: "Lubricant of choice is the SUPERLUBE grease as it is teflon particle based and works better than dielectric or white lithium." (GM part # 12371287, Synthetic Libricant, called Super Lube, available at Amazon)

      This updated/better information is thanks to "theCorvetteTechnician." Thank you Paul!

      2) Re noise was coming from the right front part of the top. After checking every thing was tight, noticed a little scraping on the front right side vertical pin. Loosened up the pin, 17 mm , and adjusted it 180 degrees away; re-tightened.

      3) A. Applied Zymol Seal Rubber Conditional to all the soft rubber contact points. As directed, applied generously, let sit for 30 minutes and then wiped off excess.
      B. Applied Poorboys World Natural Look Dressing to all the hard plastic pieces where the roof and car met (namely the front pieces that run across the entire width of the window/roof).

      4) Tighten rear hatch mechanism (Details thanks to AFVETTE!)
      A. Remove top and set it on something to protect the paint.
      B. Look at the rear latch assemble and you see a small "silver" colored HOLE in the face of the latch. That's actually a very small HEX nut.
      C. Locate the appropriate size HEX Allen wrench.
      D. Loosen the HEX nut, I discovered I had to back it almost all the way out, until it was flush with the surface of the latch face itself. I didn't want to go much further for fear of it falling out and loosing it.
      E. Initially I needed a big pliers to turn the latch (you'll see it's threaded) and turn in one full turn (it's really the only turn that makes sense).
      F. Reseat the HEX nut and reinstall the roof.

      5) Applied about 4 layers of electrical tape to the rear pins and just cut the tape off of the tip (ball at the end). I then removed the set screw and turned the closure latch hook one full turn and reset the screw. Then, before I installed the roof, I applied some silicone spray to all of the rubber around the perimeter of the roof.
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        You give great service. Maybe OP appreciates.


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          I’ve got a 2015 that I take the top whenever the weathers nice enough & have never had any noise from mine ...
          A thought if I might ...


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            I've had C5, C6 and C7 coupes and never had any noise issues.
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