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Wish To Change Your Forum Name? Bob Lutz on C8 vs C7 Pricing; ME’s LT2 Engine Technology Enhancments!

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Wrong Way To Pour Oil

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  • Wrong Way To Pour Oil

    Right or wrong way to pour oil..., and why. One minute video. For those who change their own oil, something maybe new to you also (waa for me).

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    Some many questions about the ME right now; so few concrete answers yet!

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    I typically pour out of 5 quart jugs, with a hollow handle like a milk jug.....

    But years ago, I learned to hold the quart bottle sideways (large flat side down), for just this reason.
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      Hmmmm. What about using a funnel? I always liked a little glugging, because if some additives or other ingredients had stratified or partially fallen out of suspension, I figured the glugging would help to get them out of the bottle and into the sump.

      Of course, if you use a funnel, it needs to be spotlessly clean. The entire purpose of an oil change is to get dirt and contaminants out of the engine, not to put new dirt and contaminants in.