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XPEL Ultimate Plus tutorial for the C8 - Front end only

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  • XPEL Ultimate Plus tutorial for the C8 - Front end only

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you guys don't mind that I share with you a tutorial on how to wrap the front end of the new C8 Stingray.

    I've been installing PPF for close to a decade and just would love to share some info and knowledge regarding protecting your car. If any one every has questions regarding products such as XPEL or STEK DynoShield, feel free to ask me. I work with both companies and have wrapped hundreds of cars with their products.

    I made a series of videos showing how to wrap the front end of the Stingray, using XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF and XPEL DAP Templates. Or maybe you are just curious to see the process of the wrap, and know what to expect.

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    Nice video - thanks for posting. One thing I'd love to see is that during the sped up portions in which you have music, instead of the music, do a voiceover explaining what you're doing. Like when trimming around the hood, you could say 'I'm just using an x-acto blade to trim the film, leaving about 1/4" around the edges' etc.
    Also, what tool you're using while wrapping the edges, and include tips like what solution you're using in the spray bottle etc. I know that a lot of those might be basic knowledge for those who work with PPF, and you can find that info on the net, but that will make the difference between just showing what you're doing and an actual tutorial (which is what you've titled the video).


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      I agree with the post of shlumal about commentary. Also, you mentioned templates, but it appears you did the hood with a large sheet of PPF. It is easier to do this with cut pieces designed for the car or just work with larger sheets free hand?
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