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Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Not New, But 48 Wonderful High Resolution C8 Pictures

Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Also, High Resolution C8 Pictures!


48 High Resolution C8 Pictures:

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Scheduled Software Maintenance: Tuesday, 8:00 PM

We have scheduled software maintenance and upgrades Tuesday (19th) @ 8:00 PM. While vBulletin always say not more than an hour, they have averaged 10 minutes in length. Thank you — as we continually are committed to having the best forum software available.
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Welcome Corvette Dream Giveway As Our Forum Founding Vendor!

We welcome an outstanding organization as a MECF vendor, one who has an amazing and such a.well deserved reputation for giving away staggering amounts of funds to very worthy organizations who help others.
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Advantages of ME Over FE Configuration! Patent for Variable Width Spoiler

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Color match your emblem ...

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  • Color match your emblem ...

    The smaller pieces of the emblem are just glued in place & easy to remove/install . I've played with a few different GM emblems (color) and so far I like the factory touch-up paint with them best Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2587.PNG Views:	2 Size:	306.8 KB ID:	12347Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2586.PNG Views:	1 Size:	1,016.8 KB ID:	12348 . I know its a personal opinion but if you didn't know I LIKE BLUE ...
    A thought if I might ...😎

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    Ssscooter66 , Ok since your taking orders I will need one in a Deep Red-- LOL Looks Good
    Rocket City Florida


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      just gained about 10 hp.