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Harlan Properly Ducks C8 Questions At the Sebring Corvette Corral This Morning

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  • Harlan Properly Ducks C8 Questions At the Sebring Corvette Corral This Morning

    Thanks to SgtMajUSMC (Retired), our Sebring on site roving reporter, whom we also know as “Matt,” we have this fun picture of Harlan at his presentation today at the Corvette Corral at Sebring,” then Matt noting Wendy Miller’s shirt and Harlan’s comments to the inevitable C8 questions. [Good job Harlan in refusing to answer them, for we want you to keep your job.]

    Just before Harlan’s presentation started, Wendy Miller put on the “Sgt Shultz, ‘I Know Nothing’ shirt.”

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DC7313BC-C776-47D4-8FC4-2B50DE5CCD1A.jpeg Views:	22 Size:	1.12 MB ID:	29554

    Originally posted by Harlan
    I like my job, I like my house, I like my wife,’
    . Harland started that refrain in response tothe multitude of questions regarding C8 that were asked of him, of course not answering any such questions.

    However, again thanks to Matt sharing Harlan’s one comment later, referring to the C7 without mention of year throughout his presentation, but in answer to one question about C8, Harlan answered, “the 2019 is a very good vehicle!”

    Originally posted by Sgt.MajUSMC (Retired)
    That led applause and everyone assumed from there. Read into that what you will.
    SgtMajUSMC (Retired), we are very appreciative of your being our roving Sebring reporter! Again, a major thanks to Matt for being there and for reporting this fun experience back to us.
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    Harlan is great at ducking C8 questions. Also highly adept is Tadge, Kai, Kirk and many more. Gues they wish to keep their Corvette jobs LOL.

    I do feel sorry for them, because they just keep getting asked those questions by some, yet the “veterans” to this process never ask one question about future Corvette generation or a future model.

    However, asking about the future models will start the second after the C8’s reveal, and again the Corvette team will properly duck them.


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      I remember when Sgt Schultz and Colonel Klink first appeared on television. It was only about 25 years after WW2 ended, and was the first comedy, to my knowledge, with funny Third Reich soldaten.


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        And a staple of after school funnies! Now in reruns or online. Watched it growing up, watched it in lunch break in office. Love that line. Used often.
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