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Jan Magnussen’s C8.R Return

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  • Jan Magnussen’s C8.R Return

    We all love Jan Magnussen. Here, thanks to our cor123, is an article on his excitement and his feeling in returning to Corvette Racing for two, six hour WEC races.

    Originally posted by JanMagnussen
    Looking forward to returning

    By Jan Magnussen February 11, 2020

    Drive It's blogger Jan Magnussen talks about his comeback to Corvette Racing in WEC, about the expectations for the new C8.R - and about his work with MB Racing at home in Denmark.

    Last week it was confirmed that I am returning to Corvette Racing to run the new C8.R in two divisions of the World Endurance Championship. The news has created a lot of joy and I am incredibly grateful for the many cool announcements. And yep, it feels good to be back again!

    I've been a part of Corvette Racing since 2004 and been a full-time driver since 2007, and I've always known that one day my contract would change. However, for 16 years to be one of the best GT teams in the world, I did not dare to dream - yet it came as a surprise to most when the announcement of my departure from Corvette Racing became official in the fall. I would also be lying if I said I totally agree with the replacement, because I still feel like I'm on the move.

    Although recent seasons with Corvette Racing have been without so many wins, we have managed to give competitors something to think about. Together with Antonio Garcia, I secured the IMSA Championships for Corvette Racing and General Motors in 2017 and 2018 - and in 2019 we were in the match right up to the finals at Road Atlanta in October. Fortunately, when launching the new C8.R race car, General Motors has decided to spend more resources on participating in the World Endurance Championship, the World Cup for sports cars, so at the same time as the replacement in the IMSA setup, I knew there was an opportunity for me in WEC. It has been a secret for a long time, but last week it got out - and this time it was more fun news than last time!

    I am currently running two WEC races - the six-hour race at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas on February 23 and the 1,000-mile race at Sebring in Florida on March 20. And so I've had Mike Rockenfeller join as a teammate, which is good skiing. Mike is an amazing guy, both human and athletic. He joined Corvette Racing as a third rider in 2016, and he helped Antonio and I win the IMSA championship two seasons in a row. One of the highlights was our victory in the 12-hour race at Sebring in 2017. Mike is a very experienced long distance rider with lots of triumphs behind him. He is a fast and smart rider who has nothing to prove - and at the same time he is just as hungry as I am to get out and give all the others a solid game of *****.

    I have been deeply involved in the development of the new Corvette C8.R since the project started, so I am looking forward to getting a seat. After all, the car should have debuted in 2019, which changed as the WEC series changed the seasonal structure. This, in turn, gave us an extra year to develop and improve the technique, which has definitely been beneficial. Developing a new race car is a huge task, and it does not get any smaller when switching from front engine to center engine, I can well say and say.

    But Pratt & Miller, who has been developing all the Corvette racing cars for more than 20 years, has again done a fantastic job. The car is faster, but also easier to drive than the C7, which could be a bit of a handful to contend with. No matter how amazing it sounded and looked, it could be just as difficult to adapt to changing conditions along the way. When we hit the spot, we were lightning fast - it just never quite knew where we were until the race started. I will never forget the oldschool roar from the old Corvette, but I also look forward to getting into the new one. I saw the C8 run on Daytona where it looked strong, so it promises good. And yep, it was a bit strange to see the race as a spectator for the first time in many years - but in return I could enjoy the family and drink a beer while!

    Along with my new WEC agreement, I also have a lot of projects running in Denmark. Thanks to a hard-working Ronnie Bremer, the wheels of our joint project, MB Racing, have come to fruition, which in December opened the doors to a new showroom in Glostrup just outside Copenhagen. We ran a number of very successful trackdays in 2019 in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Denmark, and in 2020 we expect to come abroad and participate in long-distance racing with our Mercedes-AMG GT4. At the same time, we have shot an esport team, and then MB Racing will also show up in the Danish Super GT series in 2020, where Ronnie will be tasked with securing the team a championship trophy - while I also put in the new TCR series with the JM team LM Racing.

    In that way, I still seem to be going through a busy and exciting year - so maybe it didn't matter that I got a longer winter holiday than expected ...

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    Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20+ year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.