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CORVETTE TODAY #115 - Corvette News & Headlines, Late June 2022

We've got the latest News & Headlines in the world of Corvette for you every other week! Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger is back to give you the inside scoop on what's happening.;
Here are a few of the topics covered on next week's podcast....
C8 Z06 benchmarked Porsche, Audi, Ferrari and McLaren
Chevrolet raises prices on 2023 C8 Stingray
Chevrolet adds DCT transmission filter life to maintenance tab on 2023 Corvettes
Chevy offers "Dark Stealth" crossed flags for 2023 Corvettes
WEC drops GTE Pro class for 2023 and introduces GTE Premium for 2024
Chevrolet is offering Dark Stealth Crossed Flags for the 2023 Corvettes
Is Corvette is scheduled for an interior refresh in 2024?
Chevrolet to offer 1 of 1 Mint Green Z06 in first NFT Auction
GM releases 2 more videos about the C8 Z06
This Friday, July 1st, is "Drive Your Corvette To Work" Day!

Don't miss a single episode of CORVETTE TODAY on podcast and YouTube. Each week's episode launches on Monday at 12 midnight Eastern Time.
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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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    The C7 Z06's are already collectable's since the total 5 year production numbers were low. Example only 2353 Z06's made in 2018.

    The best of all of the front engine Corvettes ever made.
    The difference between them and a ZR1 is basically the difference in Hp with the Z06 checking in at a lighter weight.
    When you add that HP and more to the Z06 it loses even more weight. The 2300 blower is larger while being lighter weight then the 2 inch headers reduce weight as well about 60 pounds comes off the car. Moves GM was limited from doing. Puts the C7z06 performance in a whole new class.

    Then remove the heavy wheel handicap. A real beast with 800 hp while weighing under 3400 pounds appears.
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