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See the Z06 Yourself At The Petersen Automobile Museum

All the details are here for you and friends to stand next to it on reveal day: October 26th. Just buy an admission ticket.
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CORVETTE TODAY Podcast #78-Famed Corvette Test Driver, Jim Mero, Answers YOUR Questions!

Famed Corvette Test Driver, Jim Mero, is back on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast with your host, Steve Garrett to answer your questions:!  
These questions came from the MidEngineCorvetteForum and the other forum. There are some great questions and outstanding responses from Jim.  Jim talks about suspension and ride calibrations for the C6 and C7 Corvettes.  He also talked about his experiences test on the Nurburgring and the Autobahn!  
It's a fascinating interview and episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

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C7 z06

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  • C7 z06

    The out going Corvette C7 Z06 is an icon in the world of sports cars. Where the new ones left are selling out. Out of the number left of new C7's for sale the bulk are the C7 base and Grand sport.
    The Z06's are getting low in numbers ESP with the manual transmission.

    With the huge aftermarket and the ease of making more power. Make this the top Corvette to date. I say this after owning 8 Corvette's previous to the 2 C7 Z06's I own now.

    The C7 z06 comes with Lt4 making 650 hp this is one fantastic robust engine and the best engine from GM to date. The stock 1.7 blower is the one short coming of the car. It is undersized and GM used stepped up blower speeds requiring more engine cooling to fit the need.

    Which GM did on the 2017 and later models. Gm should have used the 2.3 from the C6 ZR1.
    This where the Magunson 2300 comes in this simple lighter weight better designed cooler running supercharger designed for the Lt4 comes to play.

    Higher output with less blower speed offers a cooler stronger air charge It goes to 800hp with ease on pump gas. I have modified 2 Z06 Corvette with the same mods. Which are intake, 2 inch headers, ZR1 TB, Maggy 2300, M&M PCV fix.
    Driving well over 20k with these mods. Including a 4,000 pleasure drive with the set-up. I can say it runs cooler better MPG more power than stock
    Doing the 3rd build now. 1st car did 672 rwhp with the M7 2nd car makes 650rwhp with the A8. The latest model year Z06 has a improved fuel pump which should allow even more hp at tuning time.

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    One mod left out is the Halltech Tric unit when used in combo with the 2300 and the Modified AFE Intake.
    The Halltech TRIC is underrated and underused but is really a great mod.

    The TRIC increases the efficiency of the blower by a huge amount. By adding air pressure to the airbox at speed I really notice it at speeds 50mph and above !

    The faster you go the more boost, the supercharger makes with air pressure/boost now feeding the inlet to the airbox.

    This fact is well documented by The Jim Halltech company by logging the boost levels with and without the TRIC at 80MPH and 120MPH shows the TRIC adding more boost at higher speeds.

    The AFE can with a Dremel tool used for cutting. Cutting 4 slots allows the AFE to extend but still sealing to the fender and to outside air. With the Halltech TRIC
    the intake now no matter the blower no longer needs to suck air.
    As cold air is now forced into the air box. Adds boost by speed! Pretty sure my own tuner Corvette's with all adjustments made can and will make nines in the low 140's
    weighs 3500 full of gas so less than 3400 pounds with 1/3 tank with over 800 hp at speed very very fast combo.
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      Just looking at you tube and Speed Street and his modified ZR1 pulling the Mac 720 with ease. Z06's do the same thing with proper mods.


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        New Manual Z06 is in the shop today getting the final tune. Car has the new better fuel pump. With the following mods

        2300 w/ 75mm pulley with ported/ port matched snout.
        Modified AFE intake with High Flow filter
        Mighty Mouse Catch Can system
        ZR1 throttle body
        2 inch ARH headers with high flow cats
        Halltech tric airbox feed
        NGK 7 racing plugs
        Looking for 700 rwhp
        Can't wait to pick it up.


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          Originally posted by 3 Z06ZR1 View Post
          New Manual Z06 is in the shop today getting the final tune. Car has the new better fuel pump. With the following mods

          Magnuson 2300 w/ 75mm pulley with ported/ port matched snout.
          Modified AFE intake with High Flow filter
          Mighty Mouse Catch Can system
          ZR1 throttle body
          2 inch ARH headers with high flow cats
          Halltech tric airbox feed
          NGK 7 racing plugs
          Looking for 700 rwhp
          Can't wait to pick it up.

          Got the car picked up in the rain storm. It did close to 700 rwhp fuel delivery is not a problem but fuel quality is. Need to go to e fuels or meth or some other fuel booster support.
          IF I cared to go further. Considering a stock ZR1 does about 640 rwhp on the same dyno. Then the 60 pound weight loss all off the front is very nice as well.
          Car now has a better weight balance.Traction and handling are better.
          I also run the DCS traction computer on the A8.
          Both cars are flipping like rocketship's seems some sticky tires like some R-888's should be the next mod.

          I did all the installs myself then drive the car to the dyno shop for the tune.
          I did an original car with same mods only with the 80 mm pulley which I now feel is plenty for pump gas.

          Put it back to stock and bought an A8 and another new M7
          I now have both cars finished both the A8 with 9,700 miles and the new M7 just hit 2500 miles with these mods putting the cars at the 800 plus Hp level
          while driving around in the 3450 weight range depending on the how much gas. Very fast driving like better than stock cars.
          The costs are below some under MSRP for mods but you should be able to score them for that or less.

          2300 4400.00
          2 inch American Racing coated headers w/cats 1900.00
          AFE intake 500.00
          MM catch can recommended 350.00
          ZR1 TB 200.00
          halltech tric unit 349.00
          plugs 50.00

          shop tune and dyno 750.00
          so about 8500 do it yourself.
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            Several weeks now After daily driving both combo's w/ the Lt4 with the 2300 M7. Then the lt4 with the 2300 A8. Removing the 1.7 Supercharger that GM used that was too small.
            Adding the Maggy 2300 gets over 800hp/800 TQ from the lt4 in a perfect package all on pump gas. Fantastic MPG and unmatched power and performance while running much cooler engine temps than stock.
            Still using the stock coolers the 2300 produces cooler boost and less heat.

            T Click image for larger version

Name:	0415201347.jpg
Views:	214
Size:	1.18 MB
ID:	146252 he DSC controller is the other huge game changer adding a better ride and a **** ton of traction and handling to the C7Z06. Pretty much untouchable by any stock car. I'm getting the new Z06 but the delay or wait for few years will be ok I'm good till then. 665 rwhp about 710 wheel on a Dyno jet or 800 plus at the crank at 6400 on pump 92
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              C7Z06 /C7ZR1 still the top Corvettes ever made!
              Glad I bought three of them. Now two with over 650 wheel
              With aftermarket support best Corvettes ever!