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Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Not New, But 48 Wonderful High Resolution C8 Pictures

Stay Tuned As Chazcron Works On His Latest Project, The ME IP/Dashboard! Also, High Resolution C8 Pictures!


48 High Resolution C8 Pictures:

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We have scheduled software maintenance and upgrades Tuesday (19th) @ 8:00 PM. While vBulletin always say not more than an hour, they have averaged 10 minutes in length. Thank you — as we continually are committed to having the best forum software available.
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We welcome an outstanding organization as a MECF vendor, one who has an amazing and such a.well deserved reputation for giving away staggering amounts of funds to very worthy organizations who help others.
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Advantages of ME Over FE Configuration! Patent for Variable Width Spoiler

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Over the years who else has come to realize corvette engineers expertise in offering

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  • Over the years who else has come to realize corvette engineers expertise in offering

    i have over the hundreds of thousands of miles ive put on my corvettes come to appreciate over time the durability and validation processes gm uses when bringing their corvettes to market...

    everytime ive added performance mods where i cracked open the engine ive found that as the daily driver miles pile in...and i hate to say this but gm engineers validation orocess is preferred.

    in my older age i have come to admire the durability aspect and ease of diagnosising resolutions gm s more stock configuration offers..i just want to get in my cars and go...

    interior luxury leather or a d shaped thick steering wheel etc..,awesome...maybe a different brand of performamce shocks, wheels and tires, maybe a tune, short throw shifter or intake or even brakes but cracking into the motor just never offers the same durability for a daily driver...and dignosing issues becomes a xxx shoot..or gamble the miles pile on..

    aston martins, ferraris, lambos jaguars are beautiful sports cars but hot dam if their repair and maintance just doesnt compare to what chevy offers in the corvette as the miles pile on..

    never or almost never getting stuck is a corvette attribute many of us who use the corvette as a daily driver take for granted....

    i still smile everytime i realize ive got 125k miles on my present corvette and its really been an amazingly reliabile vehicle...

    color memimoresssed ...

    what do you guys think...

    cracking into the motor for mods a good iea or its often a bigger jeadache for a daily driver?
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    Agreed....while I am only pushing approximately 45,000 miles on 3 Vette's we never hesitate to jump in and drive it the four hours to San Antonio or Houston or north to Jags Oklahoma events.
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      The highest-mileage-documented Corvette has 772,000 miles on its original motor.

      Here is just one example of GM’s durability tests before bringing even a new interior color to our cars. Remember the Watkins Glen Collector Edition with the bright Tension Blue Interior.

      That Edition was delayed availability because it failed the 100,000 hour, Arizona dashboard fade resistance test. It was startling to show the first traces of fading at 90,000+ hours, again in the Arizona sun when it was tested in GM’s decided weathering durability building/labs. So they went back to their supplier and said, “we are consequently rejecting your new color.”

      The supplier made some changes, and the second time at 100,000 hours in the Arizon direct sunlight, there was not one ounce of dashboard color fade.

      BTW, 100,000 hours equates to over 15 hours of direct sunlight every single day for 18 years.
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      So many questions about the ME right now; so few answers yet.

      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A 2020 ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


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        I agree they are a excellent value in performance. I have often wondered why the engineers haven't made the seat bolsters from carbon fiber or something that doesn't wrinkle or scratch, as many of my cars have this problem starting in the 5-10K mileage range.
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          The engine is good. The A8 is not near as good as GM claimed, especially down shifting. The roof noise is not acceptable especially since the roof on my 2000 C5 has never made noise. The fuel door problems are not a sign of quality engineering. Porsche has a knob to pull & unlock the fuel door if the auto system fails. If these problems aren't fixed on the ME I might not purchase it.


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            Agree about modified engines on the street. I leave them stock. Street cars on the street, race cars on the track. Two different deals