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Corvette Spy Photo King Jim Dunne Passed Away At 87

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  • Corvette Spy Photo King Jim Dunne Passed Away At 87

    Jim Dunne was a true legend has passed. Thank you Detroit Bureau for capturing the spirit of Jim Dunne.

    At the end of part of this article, there’s major tie to the Corvette mule and car reveals.

    Originally posted by Detroit Bureau
    Jim Dunne, Legendary Automotive Spy Photographer, Dead at 87

    Charming, cantankerous, competitive and always witty, Dunne helped write the rules of automotive journalism.

    by Paul A. Eisenstein | Aug 21, 2019

    Jim Dunne was automotive journalism’s first spy photographer, often using guile and daring to get shots.

    The morning meetings dragged on and it was finally time for the contingent of journalists invited to the General Motors Technical Center to sit down for lunch. But Jim Dunne had another plan in mind. He quietly fell behind the group, ducked into a restroom and slipped into the lab coat he had been hiding, complete with pocket protector.

    He confidently strode back out and made his way to the Oldsmobile design studio, where he knew work was wrapping up on the marque’s next sedan.

    Pulling out the pencil-sized Minox camera that was long a tool of the spy trade, Dunne quickly snapped off a series of pictures. Suddenly, a head popped up from inside the car, a senior Oldsmobile executive.

    “Busted,” Dunne later recalled thinking. Then, another head popped up – the executive’s secretary. The two men locked gazes for a moment, a wordless deal having been made. Then, with a smile, Dunne walked back out with his catch, “spy shots” that would earn him a healthy payday.

    While his weapon of choice was a camera, rather than 007’s Walther PPK pistol, Leo James Dunne was a legendary spy in his own right, the dean of photographers who chase a unique type of secret: new vehicles yet to be publicly revealed and, in many cases, even confirmed by their manufacturers. Dunne, who turned 87 last December, passed away Tuesday after a short battle with cancer.

    Jim Dunne Captures the C5 and the C6 Before Anyone:

    Click image for larger version

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    When interviewed years later, regarding the above C5 picture, he sold it to a major auto mag; as he said, that one picture paid for one of my daughter’s college education.

    Thanks for creating so much fun for us all Jim. Rest In Peace.
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