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This Is Why The C7 Corvette Should Be Considered a Supercar

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  • This Is Why The C7 Corvette Should Be Considered a Supercar

    Despite Supercar's undefined definition C7 Corvette can be considered a Supercar, reports Torque News. Here is why. What is your opinion on it? See how the author compares with Lamborghini and Ferrari.

    By now I am sure all of you have seen a C7 Corvette in one form or another. What some of you may not have seen is the super car killing performance that this car possesses. In its most basic form, the Stingray is a direct competitor for low end Porsches for less than half the price.

    At 465 possible horsepower, in a base model car, costing less than $65,000, the C7 Corvette is without a doubt, a bargain buy. Let that sink in for a moment, an American made supercar for less than $65,000. The best part? You can actually get them now for way less than that.

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    Love my 460 hp 2014 C7 . Picked it up new Feb 2014. As you say, the term is undefined but its sure been a supercar for me!!

    Just sorry I have to leave it behind as I depart at zero dark thirty tomorrow morning for two months.
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      Thanks for sharing Boomer.


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        The C7 ZR1 - Is definitely a supercar.
        Rocket City Florida- 2001 ZO6 - 2013 427 Vert - 2020 Stingray


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          With the Stick possibly dis appearing in the C8. A no brainer purchase would be a NEW 2019 base Stingray with a stick , painted Calipers and Dual Mode Exhaust (460HP) for $48,000. I feel a car like that will see little depreciation for years to come.


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            I wouldn't consider a base C7 a supercar. Z06, perhaps, ZR1, yes. I'm also very jaded to what I denote as a "fast" vehicle.


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              I would say the latest Z06 car and the ZR1 would make that. IMHO I have the 4th C7 ( 3 z06)in the garage. The latest z06 car is an improved handling car and a quicker car as well over even earlier Z06's. The extra coolers and better supercharger and tuning as well as shock tuning etc.
              Each year adds unadvertised improvements. A whole another level past base cars and the GS .


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                3Z06ZR1 brings up a very important point, that each year within a generation there are roughly 30 changes that are made that are never announced. Sure we hear about the visual ones, the new options and the performance and other obvious upgrades, but every single manufacturer does a bunch on upgrades they never inform us about.

                The reason is that if they improved component part XYZ and told us about that change, some customers, even though who did not have an issue with it, would march down to their dealer saying my XYZ is not functioning right and try and get that upgrade done under warranty. Again every OEM does these behind the scenes upgrades. Some are down for easy of assembly on the line and result in nothing better for the customer, just easier and quicker assembly, for example, e..g, reducing the length of a tab by 0.1MM, or decreasing an angle on a hidden metal support bracket by 1/4 of a degree — again simply to make production process work more smoothly.

                The old adage is absolutely true, and that is if you want the best of a generation, buy the last year year of that model — so what are you waiting for, buy a 2019!!!
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