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Corvette Today Podcast # 41: News & Headlines

Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from connect to bring you up to date on the latest news in the world of Corvette!  Here are just a few of the topics discussed in this podcast:
1.  GM Vice President, Steve Hill, says most C8 buyers are new to the Corvette Brand and wealthier than C7 customers.
2.  The high wing spoiler for C8 is available again on
3.  The first 1967 L88 sells for $2.5m at the Mecum Auction/Kissimmee
4  Laura Wontrop Klauser is named as Sports Car Racing Program Manager
5. The 2021 race season begins for Corvette Racing at Daytona with new lineup
6. New C8.R driver, Nick Tandy, says the C8 is more stable than the Porsche 911 RSR
7.  A man wins Corvette in the Georgia Lottery, but can’t get one from a local dealer
8.  A 2019 C7 ZR1 run the quarter mile in 9.592 seconds!
9.  Lingenfelter introduces a lowering kit for C8
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Official C8 Owners Manual, Build and Price, Visualizer, Pricing, and Ordering Information

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ZR1 Aero PDI Info

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  • John
    My personal preference for the ME would also for the “whole car” to be one aero function, a la the Ferrari 488 GTB. Whie I still have a crush on the looks of my C7 Z06 with all its tacked on sharp-edge aero components, and love the ZR1 for what it is, my choice would be that the ME’s aero to be more “integrated.”

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  • JB
    I prefer underbody aero ..

    As effective as huge wings are creating downforce i personally prefer ferraris use of underbody aero...

    makes servicing a little more difficult at times but it offers a sleeker look.

    a small rear spoiler is ok for the street but the monster spoiler wings out back are a little over the top for tje street cars in my opinion.

    i presonally prefer a little less downforce as i just dont need that for my daily driver.

    putting stuff in the trunk can be more difficult as a daily driver as well in front mid engine cars as well..

    active aero is cool as its more seamless in appearance while the car is stationary or mormal speeds..

    ive seen the spy shots of the new porsche 992 set to debut this coming year and from what i can tell im not even a fan of their new rear active spoiler when deployed.

    i am hopeful their will be a standard model that doesnt offer active aero as standard but rather as an option..

    if active aero is standard so be it..,not a big deal but if its an option on the base car and it looses a few pounds of ok with that as long as consumers can still get the z51 heavy duty cooling and suspension..

    ive always believed the jeavy duty cooling and heavy duty suspension are worthwhile options both in terms of performance and durability long term..

    active aero or big monster wings..not so much...

    my bet is active aero is standard and thats fine

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  • John
    started a topic ZR1 Aero PDI Info

    ZR1 Aero PDI Info

    Want to see all the GM details and pictures on the PDI aero component installation.

    Originally posted by GM TechLink
    2019 Corvette ZR1 Ground Effects Installation

    Posted on July 1, 2018 by blogadmin

    Due to the size of the aerodynamic components, or ground effects — front fascia splitter, rocker moldings, rear spoiler, etc. — on the 2019 Corvette ZR1 (Fig. 10) as well as other Corvette models, the parts are shipped from the Corvette assembly plant directly to the dealership separately from the vehicle. The parts should arrive at the dealership before the car.

    Fig. 10

    The shipping box containing the ground effects may also include additional loose-shipped parts. The list of parts in the package, including part numbers and the corresponding VIN, is included on the shipping label and in a document inside the package.

    Directions also are provided for any parts that are damaged during shipping. Replacements for parts damaged during shipping should not be ordered through Customer Care and Aftersales. Orders for the ZR1’s hood, front splitter and end caps, rear spoilers, and front fender vent appliques are on parts restriction.

    Refer to the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) form for additional information before installing any parts. The Special Inspection Items box on the form provides details about exterior parts installation for specific Corvette models.

    ZR1 Aero Components

    The new ZR1 is available in two aerodynamic configurations. The base configuration features a low-mounted small rear wing and the available ZTK Track Performance configuration features a high-mounted large rear wing. Installing the small and high wings require a tamper-proof 5-point T-30 bit. (Fig. 11)

    Fig. 11

    The low and high wing spoilers should never be interchanged. The low wing should not be installed on a car with the ZTK package and a high wing should not be installed on a car without the ZTK package. The vehicle’s handling was designed specifically for the aero components on a vehicle as built. Changing the aero components affects the vehicle’s handling and should not be altered. The ZR1 also should not be driven with either of the rear wings removed from the vehicle, which will affect the vehicle’s handling at higher speeds.

    The correct spoiler for the vehicle can be confirmed by searching the vehicle’s build RPO codes.

    The aero components on the Corvette ZR1 are different based on if the vehicle is equipped with the ZTK Track Performance Package and/or the ZLZ Sebring Orange Design Package. (Fig. 12)

    Fig. 12


    Splitters are included for standard ZR1 models (Fig. 13) and models equipped with the ZLZ Sebring Orange Design Package. (Fig. 14)

    Fig. 13

    Fig. 14

    End Caps

    The tall end caps (Fig. 15) are only on ZR1 coupes that are equipped with the ZTK package.

    TIP: The tall end caps are for track use only. Do not install the tall end caps during PDI.

    Fig. 15


    Long rockers are included on both standard ZR1 models and those equipped with the ZLZ Sebring Orange Design Package. (Fig. 16)

    Fig. 16


    The ZR1 features a standard low wing spoiler. (Fig. 17) The ZTK Track Performance Package includes the high wing spoiler designed for the track. (Fig. 18)

    Fig. 17

    Fig. 18

    Front Deflectors

    Front outer deflectors (Fig. 19) are included on models without the ZTK package.

    Fig. 19

    Refer to Service Bulletin #16-NA-330 for more information on the installation of the ground effects.

    – Thanks to Jeff Strausser