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Idiot C7 Driver Finally Gets Stopped

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  • Idiot C7 Driver Finally Gets Stopped

    Up to 130 MPH high speed chase; too bad he involved another car. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for this article/video. Thanks to kcra!

    Originally posted by CB
    C7 Corvette Driver Hits 130 MPH Running from Cops Before Being Sideswiped in Intersection

    By Mitch Talley: Jul 5, 2021

    When will suspects fleeing police realize they can’t get away from the long arm of the law?

    Latest case in point: A high-speed, nearly hour-long chase near Oakland, California on Saturday evening of a black Corvette C7 with police in pursuit on the ground and in the air.

    You can watch some of the action from the air on this video from the California Highway Patrol as they pursue the Corvette mostly northbound on I-880 but with spill-over onto I-580 and I-238.

    The Corvette was mostly running 100 mph but reached speeds as high as 130 mph before finally coming to a stop next to a utility pole on a city street after a white car sideswiped it in an intersection.

    The driver wasn’t injured in the crash and was taken into custody by authorities.


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    The bad guy might be able to outrun a cop car, but they can’t outrun the radio. Flipping Idiots! Too bad the bad guy didn’t perish…unfortunately, he’ll bail out, only to do it all again, and possibly kill the good guys. Such is life with the high recidivism rates we have throughout the Country. This is not a political point neither, as it is fact.
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      Sure seems as though the CHP on the ground are useless./slow to respond Thank God for the Helicopter. Great video. Thanks John


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        Rules have no meaning or value any more,

        its considered a restriction of ones freedom to adhere to the rule of law and civilization.

        thank goodness no innocent citizen wasnt hurt or killed


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          That sweet little car never did anything to anyone, now it's worthless much like the driver.


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            Probably stolen that's a huge problem in the Big Cities