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Advantages of ME Over FE Configuration! Patent for Variable Width Spoiler

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C8 Caught In The Wild California Testing! Best 7 ME Videos! Inside BGA : Jagamajajaran’s Video

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2019 Grand Sport Drivers Series Officially Revealed Tomorrow. LIst of C8 Poential Patents. Considerations In Modeling The C8

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C7 Sales Declining

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  • #16
    Want to increase C7 sales to existing C7 owners?

    Drop a 427 in the Grand Sport.

    427, the mystical magical number that calls
    out to Corvette owners to upgrade.


    • #17
      Possibly would increase sales, but....

      When the Z06 was introduced, there were articles saying GM went with a supercharger because getting the same level of HP out of a normally aspirated engine, while meeting emissions and mpg standards, was impossible. So a 427 engined GS probably wouldn't make nearly the HP people would expect from a big block. Add to that the cost of emissions and crash testing that combination for such a short production run, and it just wouldn't be cost effective.

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      • #18
        After all the FE Corvette's GM has produced. The C7 is the best Corvette GM ever produced. The 2018-2019 is the best of the C7's produced. The huge aftermarket of performance parts support almost unlimited how much performance do you want.
        Make the C7 1 incredible sport car considering the price break.
        IMO the Z06 is the best C7.
        Best looking and best value. Considering the discounts as well. They are a bargain that will be missed.


        • #19
          They did sell many more than they made in 2018. The 2018 model total production was about 9600 Total with only 2353 Z06 with only 2,000 for US delivery.


          • #20
            Pert of the reason for that correct analysis is that the production length of the 2018’s was only approx seven months, and 13 weeks of that time period the Plant was closed due to its massive re-tooling.
            So many questions about the ME right now; so few answers yet.

            Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.


            • #21
              A 427 would be awesome. If it made 580-600 hp and had maybe an optional DCT! Ooooo. So still light, NA, with power that shouldn’t totally overwhelm the wheels. I’d love the sounds of that! Unfortunately I don’t think sales pick up with a some kind of a major change. The majority of owners are waiting for the C8. If the C8 was an evolution of the C7 I think it’d be different BUT we are expecting a revolution of the corvette!