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Oil change problem

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  • Oil change problem

    This was a self-inflicted wound - I put too much oil into the dry sump at the 500 mile oil & filter change. Short story - I did not see that the bottles of Mobil 1 0W-40 ESP Dexos 2 that I bought at the dealership are 1 L bottles not quarts. I put in 9.5 liters. That explains the over-full reading on the dipstick

    So what now? Do I need to try and drain 1/2 liter? Can I drive the car?

    44 years of Corvette ownership and doing my own maintenance and I do something stupid now. I feel like a total klutz.

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    I would not drive the car if mine. I would either use a brand new clean turkey blaster method (or similar) to remove oil from your dry sump tank — which some has said works, other said not, but maybe there is a YouTube video? Or, if you can get under the car, crack open one of the two drain plugs slightly into a measuring container and remove about .5 liters.

    Best of luck.
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      Better than a turkey baster, get an oil suction gun with a hose on the end. They typically have a capacity of about 16 ounces, and cost in the $20 range for a good quality one. Available at most good auto parts stores, places like Harbor Freight, or on line.

      And once you have it, you can use it for things like putting oil into differentials where you fill "up to the level of the hole" through a side plug.

      Click image for larger version

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        I had an oil change overfill recently and this thread describes my issue:


        The dealer fixed it. They corrected the oil level by draining some and leveling it out to the correct amount.

        During that ordeal I recall reading about the use of an oil suction device. I believe I discovered it is not an option for my base C7 but can be used on the Z51. On the Z51 I think I read that the suction could be done thru the dipstick tube.

        Since the dealer fixed the overfill I didn't have to deal with it but if the suction device tube has to be small enough to get in the dipstick hole in a Z51, that would seem to call for a very narrow tube, much narrower than whats shown in Milliwatt's post.

        Anyway hope the above info is correct and good luck!
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          Thanks guys, I think I have come up with a plan (or two). Option 1: buy two feet of 1/4" clear tubing, insert into fill hole on the dry sump tank and use the old siphon method. Option 2: I have an old cattle syringe from my ranching days. Attach a length of the same 1/4" tubing to the syringe and try to pull oil out, again through the fill hole. Option 3: Drive the car up on my RaceRamps, crack the side drain plug and drain some oil into a drain pan.

          Live & learn huh?