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Monday’s Software Changes & Upgrades

Monday’s software updates, including changes to our Photo Gallery, User Name Cards, and other changes & fixes can be accessed here: Thanks brad66 for creating the linked thread.
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Official Z06 Press Release, Reveal Pictures and Visualizer Access

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Why no C7 Zagato or C7 Pininfarina?!

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  • Why no C7 Zagato or C7 Pininfarina?!

    I'm wondering, why doesn't Chevy commission something like, let's say, a Zagato-bodied C7s.

    Yes, I know it would be too expensive to make street legal, but with the growing popularity of track-day specials, it doesn't seem like that would be too hard to do. The Corvette chassis would seem to be much easier to put a custom body on than a unit-body car.

    They could build, say, ten of them, and then sell them as track-only cars. It seems that they could get a lot of good publicity if they did one or two of these every year. If they had various renowned design houses or designers involved, it would also elevate the brand.

    How cool would it be if there was a Zagato-designed, C7 track-day special running around at the next track day you went too?!