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See the Z06 Yourself At The Petersen Automobile Museum

All the details are here for you and friends to stand next to it on reveal day: October 26th. Just buy an admission ticket.
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Want some tips on how to set your signature block, post pictures, establish your signature block, response to two posts by quoting both of them at once, change the amount and/or type of forum notifications you get, here’s 20 DIY’s for you: https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...m-mecf-members
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Forum Member DIY’s: How To Best Navigate MECF

Here are twenty helper threads, from posting pictures, avatars, creating your signature blocks, and more. https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...m-mecf-members
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CORVETTE TODAY Podcast #78-Famed Corvette Test Driver, Jim Mero, Answers YOUR Questions!

Famed Corvette Test Driver, Jim Mero, is back on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast with your host, Steve Garrett to answer your questions:!  
These questions came from the MidEngineCorvetteForum and the other forum. There are some great questions and outstanding responses from Jim.  Jim talks about suspension and ride calibrations for the C6 and C7 Corvettes.  He also talked about his experiences test on the Nurburgring and the Autobahn!  
It's a fascinating interview and episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

Listen Here:
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Making C7’s Within the Factory

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  • Making C7’s Within the Factory

    I took about 10 tours of BGA during the C7 era alone. Would have taken more this year, but as we know, it is still closed. I wonder why that is? Could there be something within the plant they do not want us to see at time time LOL?

    While this video was made before major changes during last year’s 13 week upgrades, most of it would be still accurate today. I just love the sounds within the plant as it makes new Corvettes.

    This is one of my top all time favorite C7 videos.
    Enjoying my Shadow gray C8. What a car it is.

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    Taken mostly within the Bowling Green Assembly Plant (BGA), here is about 20 more minutes on making our loved C7’s.

    These four were taken off the TV from the fantastic series, “How Its Made: Dream Cars.” Wish we could still see that exact, original video. However, its content has been captured in the following four videos:

    So if the above video in the OP was not enough of a fix to see what happens within BGA, these videos should help — at least until we get to return to within the plant to see the ME’s made sometime during 2019. Along with the C7’s that are also going to be made (we believe).
    Enjoying my Shadow gray C8. What a car it is.