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  • C7z06

    The out going C7Z06 is a great car. Stock 7:10 at the ring. Then 22.3 on the skid pad is about 5th out of all production cars. Great brakes as well. Then really GM got the bugs out and then they switched out of the C7 to C8. Seemly cut short after only five years of production.
    GM did a good job of improving the car each year as they usually do.

    The huge Corvette aftermarket leaves open a huge door for actually addressing any short comings thus improving the factory C7Z06.
    Lighter weight and nice increases in power and even improved rear balance and handling.
    The near 50 pounds of weight reduction comes mostly off the front of the car improving rear traction and balance. Just makes a really super sweet fantastic machine.
    Faster and above what the stock car do. With even improved MPG if you care about that.

    Just finished up with the second of two modified Z06's the A8 and the M7. Just rediscovered the Halltech tric unit as well as it gives some extra boost at high speeds.
    Like boost by gear sorta.
    Not shown in dyno numbers but you can tell it works.
    Had the some of the mods on a 2015 and loved the combo so much I bought another this time a A8 and built the A8 and then bought a new Z06 M7 and the returned the 2015 to stock and added the mods back on a new M7.

    Halltech tric unit
    Magnuson 2300 /80mm upper / home ported port matched snout
    ZR1 throttle body
    AFE intake with hi flow blue filter
    DSC shock controller
    M&M Catch can set-up
    2 inch American Racing coated headers w/cats
    NGK 7 plugs racing plugs
    3500 pounds/ full of fuel

    120 rwhp over stock / still on pump gas

    M7 (w/improved fuel supply)
    Halltech tric unit
    Magnuson 2300 /75mm upper/home ported snout
    ZR1 throttle body
    AFE intake hi flow blue filter
    M&M catch can setup
    2 inch American Racing Headers w/cats
    Ngk 7 racing plugs
    15 pounds of boost
    dyno and weight this week
    anxious to see the results looking for 710 rwhp

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    Congratulations on a trio or duo of c7 z06 s...

    fabulous and iconic
    Torch Red exterior/ black interior z51 FE4 1LT


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      Originally posted by JB View Post
      Congratulations on a trio or duo of c7 z06 s...

      fabulous and iconic
      I agree!
      Best Corvettes ever made or ever will be in the FE. Is ME 100 percent better than FE? IMO NO! In exchange for a 0-60 time it gives up performance measures to the FE design like the skid pad and braking and weight.


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        Originally posted by JB View Post
        Congratulations on a trio or duo of c7 z06 s...

        fabulous and iconic
        Thanks JB more impressed everyday! The stock car is fantastic and the fantastic aftermarket has made up for all the short comings. Actually thinking now I should have bought another A8. But My A8 is a 2017 and just flipped 10k so it is just broken in and performs incredible.
        I have mods and it did 650 rwhp on the mustang dyno. which is near 800hp with the A8
        The thing missing for the 2018-19 is the DSC shock controller. Still shocked at that
        mod. I don't expect anyone to believe it but I will have a slip in the 9's at over 140 and it 0-60 is super quick as well I was spinning with traction control on. STOCK
        Now it hooks at amazing power levels with the stock MPSS now feels like slick.

        It is a replacement computer for your shocks. Called the DSC controller. Worked good on the M7 but AM totally shocked how extremely good on the A8. I now have a totally amazing machine. I was just out in 46 degree weather. I am NOW feeling like 4 wheel drive or ME stuck to the road I go with 0 spin with a lot of throttle . Before it would spin even with traction control on I could use maybe 25 percent then spin under these conditions. NOW traction control OFF I can sprint to 100 in few seconds with 0 spin not full tilt but like 600-700 to the ground thing makes 800hp
        plus. Handling is much improved as well! Like I said don't have to believe it hard to believe myself.