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    Posted something similar on another Corvette forum, but I was watching "Better Call Saul" on DVR last night and noticed that one of the main characters, Nacho, was driving an AMC Javelin. This was one of my first cars and while I loved the unique body shape, man was that thing unreliable. It seemed like I was always fixing something, but when it ran, it ran like a demon from hell. It definitely fell right into the muscle cars of the 70's niche and was one of the many AMC's that were featured in an early Bond movie. I really never saw it anywhere prior to this Saul episode.

    Getting back to my topic, it got me thinking that you really don't see a main character in any movies or TV shows using a C7.

    I can see the reboot of Magnum PI moving from his Ferraris to a C8.

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    That would be absolutely fantastic if we were to see a C8 in that or another primary series, especially if it were a high quality show. [I did not see Magnum PI last night, so my post is not a commentary about the show.]
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      Here's a link to the internet car movie database. you can search on make/model and see what tv shows and movies a car has been in :